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An emprical methodology for the ethical assessment of marketing phenomena such as casino gambling

Oswald A. J. Mascarenhas

The methodology proposed here exemplifies how psychometric measures can be dovetailed to assess ethical dimensions of social marketing phenomena such as legalized casino gambling. Three traditional ethical theories—Deontology, Teleology, and Distributional Justice—are incorporated in the methodology design. Reactions of metro household-heads to legalizing casino gambling in their city were obtained from an existing metro panel. A pro-gambling attitudinal scale developed for this purpose, and tested for its reliability, discriminant and nomological validity, was the basis for deriving valid and insightful teleological and distributive assessment measures. As expected, casino gamblers and gamers obtained higher pro-gambling scores than non-gamblers. While teleological and deontological justifications of casino gambling were decisively low, distributive-justice related conditional acceptance of casino gambling was higher.

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